What do we do?

Simply stated we help you get more of the right patient into your practice. Usually, medical practices aren’t looking for more patients overall, but more patients for services/procedures that see a better pay-mix for the practice.

How do you do this?

We utilize ALL available means of marketing to make you the “face” of your specialty, in a tasteful manner. Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), traditional media, reputation management, social media, media appearances…there are many options. It’s important to emphasize that there is no silver bullet and each practice is different, so we develop a plan around your needs and budget to focus on the most desirable patients.

What do you mean, the “right” patient? We have a waiting list, already.

Many practices have told us they have waiting lists of new patients. But many, if not most, of these patients fall into a category we refer to as “Cuts, Coughs, Scrapes and Breaks,” a euphemism for patients that don’t represent the best pay-mix for your practice. Depending on your individual practice needs, we’ll focus your marketing message towards a patient that will optimize the pay-mix for your practice.

But…doctors don’t advertise…?

Actually, a medical practice is like any other business in that it must proactively seek to expand its customer (patient) base. In the past, those in the cosmetic specialties have advertised/marketed themselves, often with good results, and now more and more practices are looking to grow. The key is to get your name out there in a tasteful, effective manner…that’s why medical marketing is a specialty, of sorts.

I saw Dr. SoAndSo’s advertisements, and they weren’t very…tasteful.

Simply stated, just because you have seen advertisements for other doctors that were less than tasteful, it doesn’t mean that you can’t advertise in a tasteful manner.

I’m a specialist, all of my patients come from referrals.

There are still good reasons to advertise. First, there are those patients on plans that allow people to go directly to specialists. If you help people associate their symptoms with your specialty, they’ll come to you. Similarly, if someone calls your practice directly, but needs a referral from their primary care physician, you can send them armed with good information to their primary care physician so that can come back do you with that referral. (We have a specific plan/tool for this…we can discuss more, in person.)